1. W 30th Street in Garden Oaks

    2023-03-17 01:50:00 UTC
    Sometimes we need to shoot a home before it’s even complete, AND the new homeowners are moving in the second we leave! In this kitchen, the range hood was still bare plywood and the refrigerator didn’t have cabinet doors. A little photoshop magic took care of that.  

  2. Zora Street Residence

    2022-11-05 23:45:00 UTC
    It was my great pleasure to shoot this gorgeous new home for custom home builder Rob Ryan Custom Builders.

  3. Althea Drive Residence

    2022-09-25 19:40:00 UTC
    Today’s shoot was a brand new home by custom home builder Rob Ryan Custom Builders. This one was not “photoshoot ready” yet but we had to get in there before the new homeowners moved in so we did our best while some last-minute work was being done on the home…

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